Project Results and Language Learning Awards

During the numerous years that Accessible Language Learning for All has been offering language learning capabilities, more and more people, both with disabilities and without any conditions were able to learn and practice their preferred language or languages with ease, thanks to the innovative techniquistock_000010698563smalles applied.

The Accessible Language Learning for All projects had set out numerous initial goals that had to be achieved, and overall most of them were, offering easy and accessible learning to all who needed to improve their language comprehension skills and usage. Regardless, if it’s those who had speech impediments that impaired their ability to talk normally, or those who had forms of dyslexia, and struggled with the learning process, so far, they were helped considerably by the learning program.

Several of the goals that were achieved so far include offering a chance to participate in language learning and cognitive improvements classes to all those who had difficulties in attending such personalized classes, increasing the overall self-esteem and diction confidence when it comes to all learners who attended the courses, etc.

Since the language skills were significantly improved, consequently, both the communication and social skills were also improved in all those who were part of the learning initiative. Even more, since the outcomes were so impressive, spreading the idea further was a simple task, since the process was found to be self-driven and more and more people are attending the language learning courses now. Multiple social communities and groups are becoming interested in language learning and improvement, as a means to increase communication and social interaction.

The scientific results were also valuable since they have provided a great insight into all cognitive learning approaches, especially those that involve language learning through training from tutors. Numerous awards were offered for the positive results experienced so far and the Accessible Language Learning for All project is only beginning to become popular, therefore the future holds great potential.

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