Language Learning – Teacher’s Guide

The task of offering language learning training is a burdensome and strenuous one, especially if those attending the courses are having increased difficulties that result from the various conditions they suffer from. The learning time for a person who is constantly battling with cognitive learning issues and has speaking deficiencies is considerably greater than thelearning-spanish-680x340-1436224067 one emphasized by a regular learner, which doesn’t experience any of the issues mentioned above.

Maintaining a language learning course for those who find themselves in a disadvantaged situation because of their various conditions needs to involve a balance between accessibility, learning efficiency and fun. Making sure that all participants are embracing the course with enjoyment and eagerness is the key aspect to be accounted for if the course’s outcomes to be as expected.

In the following paragraphs, those who are about to interact with people who attend the language learning courses will find some general pointers to consider when offering training and assistance:

  • Keeping a balanced course content: this is one of the important factors to account for; otherwise all participants will either become bored by too much theoretical aspect or burdened by too many practical assignments without any theoretical basis;
  • Allowing proper time for each task: ensuring that even the slowest participants have enough time to analyze, assimilate and work on their language learning tasks they are presented with is another factor that needs to be accounted for in order to eliminate any stress from the learning process;
  • Meeting failure with advice, not criticism: one of the most common mistakes made by professors, teachers, and trainers in various fields, is to meet course participants’ mistakes with criticism. Not only does this technique put stress on the course participants, but it also makes them feel sorry for themselves and decreases their self-esteem considerably. By replacing criticism with advice, better results can be achieved, especially when dealing with people who suffer from various health conditions.

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