Language – Communication and Learning

Mastering a language at its fullest is a skill that almost everyone should possess, regardless if it’s a mother tongue or foreign language. Unfortunately, there are peopole who are in disadvantaged situations and which do not have the same equal capabilities of learning and practicing languages.

The regular steps of learning a language enter a person’s life quite early and provided that the respective person doesn’t suffer from any conditions that can alter or impede progress in terms of language learning, the outcomes will result in quick and successful learning, assimilation and replication of words, sentences or phrases. However, those who suffer from ailments in terms of hearing or speaking impairment, will encounter numerous difficulties when trying to learn a language, even from the earliest stages of their lives.

If proper care and attention aren’t provided to those who experience language learning difficulties in good time, the inherent risk of potentially losing the complete ability to communicate verbally exists. Therefore, Accessible Language Learning for All project addresses all such issues even from the earliest stages, in order to prevent further degradation of the language learning abilities and preserve the existing progress if there is any.

Maintaining communication, regardless if it is verbal or written, is very important, as it enables everyone to interact with others and failure of emphasizing at least basic language skills will result in people being slowly excluded from society, on short term and eventually being completely isolated from others, on long term.

Learning is also highly related to the cognitive processes that occur at the individual level and if a person has difficulties in achieving a visible learning progress and outcome, then that person is likely to have long term problems in attaining a proper communication and interaction with others. For that reason, Accessible Language Learning for All project aims at helping people maintain their place in society through language learning.

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